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BizTalk Systems Integration

'Systems integration' is the interconnection of 2 or more applications allowing those systems to interact, to provide business benefits -usually in the form of time or cost savings or efficiency improvements.

For example when a company that sells things on the Internet needs to automatically inform its delivery company, it can send information from its e-commerce software directly into the delivery company's logistics software with no manual intervention; thereby reducing time, cost and potential mistakes.

We specialise in Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006/2009/2013 as well as bespoke / custom integration paths.  BizTalk Server provides connectivity between core systems both inside and outside your organisation.

We have the knowledge and experience to help you gain maximum benefit from your investment and integrated systems, such as supply chain or financial data management, which can add real effeciencies to your business.

Systems Design and Infrastructure

It is critical for us to gain a full understanding of your overall syste; its inputs, outputs, transformations, overlaps and any necessary exclusion before we embark on your BizTalk implementation.  Our team of experienced system architectsknow how to avoid the pitfalls which guarantees a successful implementation of your BizTalk solution

Supporting Existing BizTalk users...

If you already have BizTalk and need help or advice – maybe you feel you could get more from it - we have the experience to help. Either looking at an improvement path or simply providing a valuable first line of support - having one of our experts on the end of the phone or onsite when things aren't necessarily working as expected, can resolve issues in hours rather than days, allowing your business to better achieve its on-going objectives.

Interested in finding out if you could benefit from integrating your existing systems? Contact us now for a free consultation.