Microsoft SharePoint 2013

Ap16 have successfully implemented SharePoint 2013 systems across many organisations.

SharePoint 2013 can be used to host web sites that access shared workspaces (intranet systems) information stores and documents, as well as host defined applications such as wikis and blogs.

Ap16 have full lifecycle experience and can help from the project's initiation & definition through to requirements capture & analysis, proof of concepts & feasibility studies, systems architecture, design, development, build & test, deployment, and on-going support.

Why Choose SharePoint 2013?

SharePoint 2013 is one of Microsoft’s most applicable tools for modern businesses.  It makes it possible for companies to engage all their information workers through the tools they are using already – office clients, internet browsers, and email clients all remain intact to prevent spiralling costs for you.

“SharePoint, in essence, gives employers a means to connect with workers where they work – at their desktops.”
(SharePoint for Dummies, Microsoft ©)

Use SharePoint if you want to....

  • Increase user productivity
  • Improve relationships with partners and customers
  • Increase opportunities for knowledge transfer
  • Increase employee loyalty and morale
  • Minimise Communication barriers between departments
  • Maximise ROI
  • Reduce merger acquisition costs

ap16 has consistently demonstrated its commitment to understand and deliver against client needs.

Bob Gogel, CEO Integreon.

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