ap16 has consistently demonstrated its commitment to understand and deliver against client needs.

Bob Gogel, CEO Integreon.

Case Studies

Bespoke Systems Development

There is no such thing as a “One size fits all” solution in business. Each organisation has its individual challenges and the solutions sometimes need to be carefully crafted. ap16 have the knowledge and understanding to deliver bespoke solutions that are both robust and future proof.

Integration Platform Optimisation

Providing a robust Integration platform to allow your business to react quickly and effectively to customer requests is paramount in today’s world. Having these systems work optimally and deliver benefit to end clients is what ap16 do for our clients.

Big Data solutions for everyday problems

Whether you are a small organisation or a multinational, giving your clients the information they need and want is vital. Centralising and structuring your data to allow business critical information to be accessed and displayed in a coherent fashion is critical.

Building a Partnership

Being a supplier is not one of the things ap16 aspire to be. We work with our clients to become partners, understanding their business intimately, sharing in the vision and direction that they want to achieve. To do this we work together towards solving real world business issues.

Strategic Platform Review

Does your business have a robust, flexible and future proof IT system with a clear road map for the future?

Integrating Financial Systems

ap16 assisted Leicester City Council in the integration of over 50 financial feeder systems into their implementation of Agresso Business World.

Got a tricky technology problem?

We like a challenge!